Our 360 VR solution,

Today, Hotels are concretely increasing their bookings with Touristtube’s innovative and active 360 VR solution, along with its connected applications and social media 360 content.

In addition to gaining higher conversion online thanks to a unique user experience and an unrivaled 360 image quality, each hotel can make efficient B2B and B2C offline presentations with its customized Touristtube 360 application.

Touristtube applies a fully automated process from day one of subscription up until delivery of the 360 Virtual Tour Premium Package with High Resolution up to 8000 megapixels.

After the 360 Photo-shoot, you will receive in less than 30 days embedded links for your hotel website of each 360-degree image, optimized and fully hosted at Touristtube Cloud, using progressive loading technology to adjust media bit rates according to the available bandwidth.

The premium package includes as well a customized 360 offline Presentation App with built-in menu for your B to B and B to C marketing, in addition to the ability to share the App with your agents and clients around the world.

Additionally, it contains 360 degree content for your social media accounts.

And it covers as well software updates and full tech support.

In case of renovating or improving your property, Touristtube Premium Package will cover for Free the 360 degree photo re-shoot and updates.

My hotels 360 Premium Package by Touristtube is your cost-effective solution.